Glad You're Here!

In a quiet little town, on a quiet little street, there’s a snug little home that is anything but quiet.

You’re welcome to come in, sit at our table, and sample some fresh coffee. Occasionally our little house gets a little crazy and our conversation may be interrupted once or twice, but put your feet up and make yourself at home!

I’m a work-at-home mother to 3 kiddos, ranging in age from Grade 3 to Grade 10. Stick around long enough, and you’ll hear about our honourary 4th child. She’s been with us on many adventures too. And we’re hoping to add to our family in the not-too-distant future through adoption.

The stories and reflections you’ll read here are thoughts and reflections based on life experiences, raising kidlets, learning the art of Motherhood, interacting with other parents through my home daycare, working in Children’s Ministries, and our journey through domestic adoption. I also enjoy reviewing products and services that I find useful, because I know they may be of use to you, too.

Through it all, you’ll find that our faith in God is our priority. We trust Him to provide, to protect, and to guide. And He’s already done all of that through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. We know why we’re here, and we know where we’re going because of that. If you’re not sure, I’d love to tell you why I am!I hope something in this little blog speaks to you. It has been my therapy, my confidante, and occasionally my outlet.

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