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Paperless Planners, Notebooks, Printables & More

What is Paperless Planning?

Paperless planners are interactive, hyperlinked PDFs.

Along with a PDF annotation app like Goodnotes, a tablet and stylus (or iPad & Apple Pencil), users can take their dayplanner to the next level!

Reducing paper waste and bulky binders, paperless planners are the simplest solution for responsible planning!

But don't stop at planners!

Class notes, to-do lists, journals and any number of other traditionally paper-based tasks can now be done on your tablet or iPad!

How To Download Freebies

1. Click on the freebie you would like to download. You'll be redirected to a Google File.

2. Click the Download Icon ↧ in the top right corner (on computer).

3. Save the file to your device. Then, open it in a PDF annotation app (ie. Samsung Notes, Goodnotes, Xodo, etc).

4. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for these! Just getting into using my iPad for taking notes during meetings. Loving it so far!

  2. I love the colors in the Earth Tones Nothin' But Notes! They're so warm - I can't wait to start using it to plan my Christmas dinners & shopping. THX for the freebie!!


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