Confessions of a Colour-Coding-Obsessed Mama

I’m finally admitting it: I’m obsessed with colour-coding my children’s lives.  My own three kids each have their own colour, our ocassional 4th child has her own colour, and all 5 of my daycare kiddos all have their own colour.

I can try to justify my obsessive-compulsive behaviour by saying that it makes life easier.  Each child knows their own colour, and everyone else’s colour too.  The daycare kidlets (all 2.5 yrs and younger) know where to sit at the table because they ALWAYS use the same colour plates, cups and cultery.  When Daddy is putting our own kids to bed, he knows which shampoo, towel, and toothbrush belongs to each kid (although our recent trip to the dentist has confused the whole toothbrush situation).

But really, it’s just my compulsive desire to organize (control?) life.   Although it may be beginning to control ME.  The other day at Micheal’s I was very tempted to buy a set of 4 small tote bags for  $17 — simply because they were OUR colours.  (Note to self: they may go on sale after Easter.  Check back later!).

I do love the tidy look of things though, when everything is the same style with different  colours.  And short of labeling things with everyone’s names, designated colours is really the only way to make sure things don’t get mixed up.  

So there is a method in my madness … somewhere.  For now, it works.  I can manage to keep 8 or 9 kids’ things straight without labelling, so I think it’s worth a little OCD … for now!

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