The Way of the Warrior

the way of the warrior

They live among us with a smile that doesn't let on.

They know that fairy tales are just bedtime stories and they've got the battle scars to prove it.  They know that the tale of a mom and a dad, 2.5 kids and a picket fence is a beautiful story, but it isn't always real life.

These women, these warriors, they've hit the bottom and hit it hard.  But not because of their own actions.

These are the women that have been left alone.  These are the women that trusted, and whose trust was not rewarded.

These are the women that are both mother and father, stretching beyond what they ever imagined, just to be what their children need.

These are the women that work whenever they can, making just enough to keep their children fed and clothed.

These are the women that encourage their children to spend time with other adults, just so that they can have consistent male role models in their lives.

These are the women who hide their true feelings and their knowledge about who dad is when their children are within earshot, knowing that trashing him only hurts their child.

These are the women that have fought tooth and claw for everything they have.  These are the women that take nothing for granted.

These are the women that have stood firm when others would have fallen or sunk deeper.  These women have remained true to themselves and their God.

These are the women who, because their faith in one man has been mistreated, now place their trust only in the one, perfect Father.

These are the women that have seen what they were not created to see, heard what they were not created to hear, felt what they were not created to feel, and endured what they were not created to endure.

These women are warriors.  And they are my heroes.

Many of these women have been my mentors (B, L) and my friends (L, K, C, S, L, J, H).  This post is for each of you, but especially for L, who fights the good fight.

Who are the Women Warriors in your life? 

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  1. There are so many tough women out there. Sometimes it's hard, but we do what we have to do!

  2. So many women are silent warriors, too! Working hard for themselves and their families without complaints or expecting anything in return. It's beautiful that you've given them some well-deserved recognition today! You've motivated me to reach out to the heroes in my life and salute them for being an inspiration to me.

  3. These are all women worth celebrating. Bravo to them for fighting on and surviving!

  4. There are many women who do tough tasks . First is the mother who takes care of children , husband and house . There are many others too that inspire us by their work .

  5. I applaud all the Warriors in your life and in mine. They remind us to keep stepping forward and to ignore the haters and naysayers. God bless them all!

  6. Lots of warriors in my life. At times I have had to be one too.

  7. My woman warrior has passed now. She still influences my life today though, with how wonderfully she lived.

  8. That's the thing with warriors -- their reach is so often farther than they would ever have thought!

  9. Yes, that's true! Most of the warriors I know only ever share their stories with very close friends. It's not something they base their identity on, and I really respect that. They don't allow themselves to play the victim card.

  10. great read...for me, it has to be my grandmom!

  11. I have several and each of them has been there for me in different ways when I needed it the most. Not sure how I would've made it without them.


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