Moving Pictures

I’ve recently started adding video to some of my blog posts and also posting them on YouTube and Facebook.  I’ve done a few instructional videos for recipes, like these ones:

And I’ve also done some whiteboard animation videos to round out a few of my more popular blog posts:

I’ve even done the talking head video:

I love doing the hands-only, sped up videos, and I really enjoy doing the animated videos, but I can not stand doing the talking head videos.  I read somewhere that this is a pretty common trait of introverted vloggers.  When everyone else is filming themselves talking, introverts will do anything to avoid it!

I’m good with that, but here’s the thing: I’m quickly running out of ideas for videos.  Many of my blog posts aren’t really conducive to making into anything other than the written word, and I’m not about to go all Rick Mercer with my rants.

So here’s my question for you:

What are your favourite YouTube videos about? 

And what do you prefer – long or short videos, talking head or instructional?


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