Strawberry Crunch Cake

The other day we braved the heat and mosquitos to go strawberry picking.  But the strawberries weren’t actually the main attraction.



Really, it’s the whole experience of driving out into the country, riding on a wagon through fields of peas, raspberries and potatoes, and being dropped off in a strawberry field where the rows stretch out in front of you.  It’s the experience of foraging through the strawberry leaves, looking for the ripest, reddest berries, and being rewarded with a basketful of sweet fruit.  It’s reminding the kids that this is where our food comes from.  It comes from the dusty, brown fields and the seeds that the farmers plant.  It comes from tending and watering and weeding, and from months of growth.




So we brought our berries home, and I decided to do something other than make jam or freeze them for the winter.  I decided to make a recipe inspired by this one.  It’s a cake you could have for breakfast with yogurt, or one you could have for dessert with whipped cream.  It smells amazing coming out of the oven, and you’ll definitely want to eat it warm!


So yummy!

What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable to eat fresh from the fields?

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