Helping Our Northern Neighbours

It’s time to send another box of food to our sponsored family in Fort Ware/Kwadacha! 

You can read more about why we’re sending food to a family here and here and you can learn more about our family and the community of Fort Ware/Kwadacha here, but here are the Coles Notes.


Because of the crazy high costs of shipping, many people (adults and children alike) in Canada’s remote north are unable to afford the basic groceries that we take for granted.  I, along with the amazing readers of Welcome To The Zoo, have adopted a family in Fort Ware, also known as Kwadacha.  Our packages are generally air dropped into Fort Ware, as the road in is only accessible in the warmer months.

Here is a video that demonstrates the remoteness of Fort Ware, and gives you a brief idea of the cost of food.  This is a news clip about dental students taking a “field trip” to Fort Ware, and it’s an interesting watch!

So far we’ve sent boxes of pantry items, canned foods and other necessities, and we’ve sent a box of brand new winter clothing to benefit not just our adopted family, but the rest of the community as well.

This time we’ve got another box of clothing and a box of food to make the long trek north. 

Nunavut Prices2

The clothing is donated, and the food is inexpensive (Yay for No Frill’s Dollar Days!).  The shipping, however, is another story.

Shipping one box costs about $70-$100, depending on its weight.  Believe it or not, that cost, in addition to the cost of buying the food here in my hometown, is cheaper than buying that same food in Fort Ware.  So it’s worth it to help a family in need!

And this is where you can help out too!  I would love to have your support in sending our boxes up north to our sponsored family.  Could you spare $5 or $10 to help with shipping costs?

Donations can be made by Paypal (click the graphic below) or by EMT to 

Or, if you’re unable to help with costs, would you be willing to share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter?  Spreading the word may enable more people to help a family in need.  Click the sharing buttons below to share on your favourite social media platform!


Thank you for your support, and for helping Feed The Hungry!

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