What Daycare Providers Really Want For Christmas


I recently asked a group of Home Daycare Providers for their thoughts on what they would love to receive for Christmas from their daycare parents.  Like teachers, daycare providers often receive the same things year after year.  Or sometimes, nothing at all.

I wrote 10 Things Your Daycare Provider Would Love To Receive For Christmas a few years ago.  When I wrote that post, I discovered that one week’s pay is what would be considered an appropriate gift for the person who cares for your children.

Interestingly, none of the daycare providers I heard from came remotely close to that in terms of cost.

Here’s What Home Daycare Providers

REALLY Want For Christmas:

 Gift cards so I can afford to buy the dayhome toys that I only wish I could afford, but can’t. I am also one who loves candles because I can always smell poopy bums even when no one has one, lol. And if all of the dayhome parents worked together to plan to keep their kids home to surprise me one day (just let me know the night before so I don’t wake up early for nothing). That would be awesome. I also LOVE letters of appreciation. I probably value that more than anything. Sometimes this job leaves providers feel under valued and under appreciated.

– Kelly B.

 Anything!! It just makes my day whenever parents show their appreciation.

-Jenny M.


Cash bonuses or gift cards. I have enough ornaments to fill three houses.

-Carolyn M.

I just want to feel appreciated!

-Tammy E-W.

Gift cards, cash, spa certificate, alcohol, something for ME, not for daycare!

-Karen D.

Something to pamper ourselves. Spa, gift cards, alcohol ;-).

-Courtney S.

And here are 10 more ideas:

1. A night of babysitting.  Either offer your own services, or offer to pay a trusted teenager to watch your daycare provider’s kids so that she and her husband can enjoy a kid-free night out!

2. A gift certificate for a house cleaning service.  Your daycare provider will be able to use it before entertaining this Christmas!

3. Car detailing.  If your daycare provider uses her vehicle to shuttle daycare kids around (or even if she doesn’t), why not give her the gift of cleanliness!


4. Books or toys for the daycare.  Daycare providers often spend hundreds of dollars on keeping toys new and engaging for the kiddos.  Give her a gift card for her favourite toy supplier, or credit at her favourite educational supply outlet.

5. Dollar Store gift card.  Perfect for all of those craft supplies that the daycare kidlets go through.

6. Carpet cleaning.  If your provider’s house has carpeting, chances are it’s seen it’s fair share of traffic.  Send a team of professional carpet cleaners over to her house!

7. Pizza delivery.  Ask her if you can have pizza delivered on the last daycare day before Christmas.  She (and her family!) will thank you.


8. Hand written cards and toys or craft supplies for her children.  Let your daycare provider know that you’re grateful for how much her children share of their space, toys, and their mom’s attention!

9. A basket of pre-packaged healthy snacks for the daycare children, for the next time she takes them to the playground or on a field trip.  This will give her one less thing to worry about while planning their time away from the house.

10. A heartfelt letter of appreciation for all she does.  It won’t cost you much, but it will mean everything to your daycare provider.  Sharing how happy you are that your child is well cared for will be something your provider will carry with her for years to come, without exaggeration!

The most important thing is to let your daycare provider know that you appreciate the care she gives your child each day.  A word of thanks and encouragement, especially after a long day, can be all the gift she needs this season!

Which of these things would you most appreciate receiving at Christmas?

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