Grocery Haul Headed North!

Alright WTTZ Readers – I’ve got another challenge for you!  I’ve got two boxes of groceries ready to send to our NEW sponsored family, and I need your help to send it!

We were already sponsoring a family in Fort Ware/Kwadacha, in British Columbia, and now we’re sponsoring a second family in Bearskin Lake, Ontario.  Take a peek at this post to find out why we’re doing this.   The Coles Notes version is that because grocery prices are so high in remote Northern areas of Canada, an organization called Helping Our Northern Neighbour was created to match Southerners with Northerners.  The Southerners agree to send non-perishable food items and other basic necessities to the Northerners for at least one year.

Our new family is made up of Mom and Dad, and 4 kids, aged 8 and younger.  We’ve committed to sending 4 shipments of food over the next 12 months.  Our first shipment is all ready to go!

Take a look at this video to see what I packed:

I was able to discuss with the Mom what the kids like and what they are hoping to receive.  I managed to get a few things in that they wanted – peanut butter and raspberry jam, baking supplies, and toothbrushes.  Hopefully I’ll also be able to pick up some of the other items on their wishlist too, and send it to them in the next couple of months.

But the real cost of sponsoring a family is the way of shipping costs.  Our shipments to Fort Ware/Kwadacha cost about $100 each.  It still works out to be cheaper than buying the food locally.  Crazy, right?

That said, I’d like to invite YOU to join us in this project!

You can help in two ways.  One is buy visiting the WTTZ Shop and purchasing an item there.  All proceeds go to our shipping costs for our sponsored families.

Or you can click the button to donate directly,

whether it’s $5, $10 or even $20 – it makes a huge difference! 

Please note: I am not a charitable organization, so you will not receive a charitable donation receipt.

You can keep an eye on our progress and our shipments here on the blog or on the WTTZ Facebook page!

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