Kid-Friendly Adventures in Ontario {Round Up}

I’ve been browsing through our past adventures and making plans for this summer.  I’ve got our Summer Bucket List all ready to go!  But, it’s been nice taking a look at the places we’ve been in the past.

Out back is completely overrun with brand new houses, no more expeditions The sand hills are gone, the tadpoles are gone, and the accompanying adventures into space are also gone.

But, there are still lots of places to explore around us.  Here’s a look at some of the places we’ve visited in the past:

Simcoe County Museum – The trip with my daycare kids didn’t go quite like I had planned, but still, it was nice to get out of the house that day!  We had more fun when we went just last summer.  You can see that video here.



The Warsaw Caves are one of our absolute favourite places to go.  I can’t wait to go again – the kids are big enough now that I won’t have to get dirty with them!

And since we like caves so much, we had to go the Scenic Caves.  That was a ton of fun!

We’ve toured the Keewatin, a beautiful ship.  Of course, it was used in the filming of Murdoch Mysteries, one of my favourite TV shows!



Craigleith is our favourite trilobite-finding place.  And our favourite place to get more wet than we intend.  Back in December we found thousands of minnows braving the freezing water – you can watch that video here.

We also love wandering aimlessly around Springwater Park, and we always seem to end up at the infamous climbing trees.


What kid-friendly adventures are you planning on going on this summer?

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