Cool It! Great Ways To Keep Kids Cool During The Summer Heat

It’s the middle of the summer right now, and the mercury has been reaching new heights!  Temperatures keep rising, and with little ones to care for, sometimes air conditioning doesn’t even make a dent in the heat.

With my creativity melting from the humidity, I went straight to the experts.  I asked Home Daycare Providers and parents what they’ve been doing to keep their kids from suffering heat exhaustion this summer, and they have some amazing ideas!

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Have a Water Fun Day!

Here’s Marina’s solution to keeping the kids cool while having a ton of fun!

We had a water balloon sports day. Water balloon basketball, hockey, baseball, and shooting water balloons from a slingshot. We also went on a bear hunt and set up a course in the backyard with a real mud pool and swimming pool for going through the mud and the river to find our bear. It was a lot of fun! ~ Marina

Stay Hydrated … on the inside AND on the outside!

Andrew had these suggestions:

Splash pads, pools, even a hot tub work as you feel cooler when you get out!  Sprinklers, and of course – AC! Ice cream is also a good idea, or get Freezies. Stay hydrated with water and juices. ~Andrew


Throw A Party — A POOL Party!

Shelley says:

We are very lucky this summer , one of our daycare families installed a beautiful pool and invites her daughters daycare over regularly for swims. ~Shelley


Get Creative … With Water!

One reader texted me with her very creative idea:

I have let my little ones water paint!  Cups of water and paint brushes and they “paint” everything outside.  And themselves too!!

It’s YOUR turn!  How do you keep your kids cool during the crazy hot dog days of summer?

Let’s help save one another’s sanity and share our ideas in the comments below!

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