The Santa-tization of Christmas

Newsflash: I’m pretty opinionated.

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’ve been hearing things like how many ways we can use the Elf on the Shelf to control our children’s behaviour, and how we should cancel church on Christmas Eve since it’s on a Saturday.

It’s all a load of baloney (in my not-so-humble opinion … ). I’m basing my thoughts on my understanding of what God says in the Bible, namely 1) Christ’s birth was monumental in the history of humankind, and 2) Lying is a sin.

All parents have the privilege of raising their children as they see fit, and I’m not judging those Christian parents that enjoy the thought of Santa, the Elf, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny. But I would like to challenge Christian parents to examine their traditions in the light of God’s Word and decide for themselves how they should be celebrating Christmas.

Specifically, my challenge is this: what message are we sending our kids with the priorities and traditions we have during the Christmas season?

I welcome your thoughts and ideas on how you remind your children of the “Reason for the Season”.

If you’re not a Christian, do you celebrate the values of Giving and Togetherness? If so, how do you incorporate those values in your Christmas traditions?

If you are a Christian, how do you reinforce the celebration of Christ’s birth with your children?


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