Travel Trailer Shopping

We’ve toyed with the idea of buying a travel trailer many times over the past several years. We do a lot of tenting, and our resident tent expert (me!) is getting tired of setting up 3 tents along with the rest of camp, every time we go on vacation. We’ve leaned more towards hotel rooms over the past few years, and even rented a cottage in PEI this past summer. However, a travel trailer would be so much more convenient and so much easier on our backs too.

Our requirements are simple: fixed sleeping areas for adult-size people, a good size dining table, a bathtub along with the shower, and the ability to use the indoor space even without slides extended, in addition to the commonly included amenities.

We browsed the stock at Campmart, and found a perfect match for our needs – a model from Starcraft with quad bunks

While we’re not in the position to buy one anytime soon, it sure is fun to look!

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