The Sunday School Teacher's Secret Weapon!

If you work in Children’s Ministry in any capacity, I bet you’ve experienced having too much time and too little material. Whether it’s because the Guest Preacher went overtime, or because an impromptu business meeting takes place after Big Church, you need to be prepared!

This is a last-minute, overtime kit that has evolved many, many times over the years. It’s filled with items that can be used during a lesson, to extend a Bible Story, to fill time, to allow the kids to burn off steam or get their wiggles out, or even just to occupy the kids that finish their colouring pages early.

If you have a go-to kit like this, what’s in it? Share your ideas and your back-up activities for when there’s more time than lesson material!

PS – You may have seen my video “I Quit Children’s Ministries” and be wondering why I’m still talking about Sunday School. Well, it’s true – I have stepped down from leading Children’s Ministries, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped serving! I’m still teaching Sunday School in addition to the other ministries I’m involved with 🙂

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