Grocery Haul: Feed A Family of 5 for $150/week

Here in Southern Ontario, Canada, groceries can be pricey.  We’ve chosen to hold a spending freeze on our family’s finances, which for us means no spending outside of budgeted necessities.

Our grocery budget for our family of 5 is $150/week, or $300 each shopping trip.  That budget includes our food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, paper products and eating out.

I managed to spend $260, which leaves us with $40 for eating out and buying groceries that need to be topped up, like milk or bread.

This is a bit of a longer video (who am I kidding, it’s huge!), but I’m taking you through all of the items I bought.  These groceries will serve us for breakfast, lunch (including school & work lunches) and sit-down family dinners at least 10 nights out of 14.  I’ve also included several snack items which should enable us to avoid evening snack runs to the store.

I’d love to hear your ideas for saving money at the grocery store too!  Leave them in the comments below!

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