Just A School Shooter Threat ?!?

Yep, just another day of school threats and getting trapped by transport trucks …

We headed to the doctor for some answers about Ezri’s mystery illness.  To my chagrin, she had prayed the night before that God would heal her.  And of course, He did!  But … that meant the doctor had to take our word for what her symptoms had been, and couldn’t give us any real answers.  Still, I’m glad she’s feeling better now!

Then I headed to the job site to get some photos and videos … and then got trapped by several HUGE trucks surrounding me.  Note to self for next time: 1. – Hit the bathroom BEFORE going to the site, and 2. – Park on the road!.

Oh yes, and there was a bit of an incident concerning our high school.  An online threat was made, and was blown out of proportion by the rumor mill.  Our kids are safe, but if I hadn’t already had the low-down on the threat assessment, I would have been storming those doors like many other parents did today!

Oh well, tomorrow’s a new day!



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