Rice Krispie Blobs #MomsJustKnow

I enjoy the quiet mornings of summer, when the kids wake up on their own schedule, I’m not scrambling to make lunches, and there’s no need to rush through breakfast.  I don’t make breakfast during the summer, the kids just pull out their favourite cereal and make themselves a bowl when they’re ready.

When I was growing up, it was the same way — lazy summer mornings with quiet voices and parents reading newspapers over coffee and the sound of snap, crackle, pop in my cereal bowl.

But on school mornings … well, that was different. This is the sweetest video, and it’s pretty much how I felt on those mornings.

Rice Krispies Original Cereal is made with the goodness of a simple grain and no artificial colours or flavours, making it a fun part of a nutritional breakfast.

I had to get up early if I wanted a turn in the bathroom.  After I showered and dressed for the day, I’d hurry to the kitchen to grab some Rice Krispies for breakfast.  And there would be my mom, throwing together some food for our lunches.

My mom was an amazing woman.  Think independent trailblazer, strong and reliable, strong-willed and fiercely loyal.  She was a wonderful mother.  A cook, not so much.

So when she made goodies for our school lunches, they were delicious and thoughtful.  Just not so … traditional.

My favourite one was Rice Krispie Blobs.  She didn’t call them that, but my friends and I did.  See, while she was rushing to get our lunches ready, she would start making Rice Krispie Squares.  But the time would run short, and with our bus pick-up time quickly approaching, instead of putting the marshmallow and cereal mixture into a baking dish, spreading it out, letting it cool, and cutting it into squares, she would scoop it straight from the pot into plastic containers.  She would pop the lids on, throw it in our lunch bags, and call it done.

The best part of my day was opening my lunch bag and finding some of my mom’s Rice Krispie concoction.  Without fail, my friends would wander over and ask if they could have a bite.  We’d pull sticky chunks off with our fingers while shooting the breeze, thanks to the shareability of what we had dubbed “Rice Krispie Blobs”.

I still listen for the Snap, Crackle, Pop when making myself a bowl of Rice Krispies, and I still eat Rice Krispie Squares with my fingers.

Recently though, I thought I’d introduce my own children to Rice Krispie Blobs!

Easy, right?  And here’s the thing: Rice Krispies Cereal is fat free and provides a source of 8 essential nutrients, including Vitamin D.  So not only is this a delicious and easy treat, it’s also got some great stuff hidden away in all of that yumminess!

 Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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