Five Great Reasons To Vote

Election Day is coming up in this Monday here in Canada.  We live in THE best country in the world (no disrespect intended to other countries), and we need to step up and take ownership of it!

We headed to the polls early this time.  We knew how we wanted to vote, and knew that wasn’t going to change, so we got it done early.  As always, we took our kids, and I took them behind the partition with me.  I was very tempted to film the entire process, but I’m not sure how that would go over with the election officials!

Voting is a wonderful opportunity to teach our kids about their civic responsibility.  There are so many places they could have been born in where the right to vote would have been unheard of.  Living in a democracy is a great privilege, and we want them to make use of it!

In case you’re not convinced of the need to vote next week, here are my 5 Top Reasons to Vote:

Voting is a responsibility.

As citizens of this great country, we have a duty to cast our vote!

Voting is hard-won right.

For women and pretty much anyone else that isn’t a white male, gaining the right to vote was a battle that many fought and suffered personal offenses and injury for.  Don’t let that go to waste!

Voting is your ticket to complaining.

You can’t complain about something, including your government, if you haven’t done something to change it first.

Voting is a privilege.

Can you imagine living in a country where you have no say in who the government is?  We really are blessed to be able to be part of the process of electing the governing party.

Voting is your way of having a say in where your tax money goes. 

You pay thousands of dollars in taxes each year.  You need to help determine where that money goes.

So get out there and vote on Voting Day!

And take your kids with you too, so they can see how it’s done 😉

Do you normally take your children with you to vote?  What do they think of it?

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