{FREE} Workshop Curriculum: Making Time For Mommy

Children come first … right?  As a mom to young ones, you have so many demands and expectations placed on you by your kids, your family, your friends & neighbours … even by people you’ve never met in real life.  But there’s no way to possibly meet all of those expectations without losing yourself in the process. We’re going to explore the idea of creating and maintaining healthy routines and boundaries as a mom, so that you can be the Best Mom for your kids, while still being the Best You.

Making Time For Mommy: Creating Healthy Boundaries and Routines

Below you’ll find a 1-1.5 hour workshop created to encourage and challenge young Moms as they face the expectations placed on them.  Included is a PowerPoint presentation, the curriculum guide with needed materials, suggested pacing, personal stories and more, and a handout for Moms to take notes and add their own insights.

You’re welcome to use this as you see fit, as long as credit is given to WelcomeToTheZoo.ca.

Each of these files can be downloaded from Google Drive by clicking here.

Download (%Making-Time-For-Mommy-Workshop-Plan.pdf)

Download (%Making-Time-for-Mommy_-Slides-1.pptx)

Download (%Making-Time-for-Mommy-Handout.pdf)




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