Free Minimalist Digital Notebook {Digital Planning}

I've used digital planners for the past 5+ years, and I absolutely love the fact that I'm able to take as many notes as I want, without needing to carry around a HUGE binder with planner pages, notebooks, documents and more.

Etsy has a great community of designers and sellers of digital planners, and I've bought several there.  But -- I was looking for something simpler to use for prayer requests & answers, and a traditional steno pad setup was exactly what I needed.

I couldn't find anything online that was as minimalist as I wanted, so I decided to make my own!  And of course, I wanted to share it with each of you 😊

I've left the title page blank, so you can use this steno pad-style notebook for whatever you want!

There are 20 note pages total, and each one has a home page icon at the top that will take you back to the title page.

You can duplicate pages indefinitely, which makes this a notebook that can expand to your needs.

If you're new to digital planning / digital notetaking with pdfs, you'll need a good tablet (iPad or Android), as well as a good pdf annotation app.  

For iOS, the go-to app for digital planning is Good Notes, but there are lots of other options too.  For Android, try Samsung Notes, Noteshelf, or my favourite -- Penly.

I use a Samsung Tab S7 FE, which comes with an S-Pen, and I use the Penly app for all of my digital notebooks.

The key is to make sure you find an app that works with hyperlinked pdfs.

Download the Minimalist Digital Steno Pad Notebook here, and let me know what you think!

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