The Moment of Need

This little baby, totally dependent, totally helpless, has been entrusted to me.  She knows nothing except her intense need for nourishment, comfort and rest.  She doesn’t worry about bills, politics, or the weather.  She doesn’t know anything about war or bigotry.  All she knows is her own need.  She is consumed by self, by being fed and kept comfortable, by getting enough sleep and rest.  She lets us take her wherever she needs to go.  She trusts us implicitly.  She doesn’t know anything of society’s voices and opinions, and she is completely okay with that.

She is a picture of how we must trust our Heavenly Father.  We must ignore all else until our needs are met by Him.  We must let Him feed us, clothe us, give us rest.  We must let Him comfort us, care for us and take us where He wants us to go.  We must place ourselves in His hands and ignore the voices all around.

Boo can sleep through the noise and commotion of Daddy’s TV show or her brothers fighting.  She sleeps when she is being passed around by relatives eager for the chance to hold new life.  But she wakes when she is hungry.  She looks for milk expectantly and cries when she doesn’t find it.  She screams when nourishment doesn’t come, when her instinct tells her it is needed.

Do I crave God’s feeding like that?  Do I block out the world, resting only in Him?  Do I scream for Him to feed me when my soul is hungry?

Or have my hunger pains been quieted by malnourishment or by the empty calories of other things?  Have I tried to feed myself when I know very well that I can not.

There is no other reason to live this life than to glorify God.  Why do I try to do things my own way when I know better?

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