The Moment of Unimportance

Today in the dryer I found 3 counting cubes, 1 guitar pick, 4 pieces of Lego, and 1 Marble Works tube.  Little Man has a habit of pocketing any and every small item he sees.  He keeps them hidden, knowing that he’ll be told to give them back to their rightful owners if we see them.  He guards them zealously until, in an unguarded moment, he is coerced into changing for bed.  And then those trinkets go straight into the laundry basket, still in the pockets of his dirty clothes.

I wonder if grown-ups do this too.  Do we hold on to little hurts and grudges?  Do we hide the perceived offenses where no one can see them, unpacking them from time to time, just to make sure they’re still there?

Perhaps we should surrender them, along with our own dirty laundry, to the One who knows what to do with them.

Perhaps it is only by releasing them into God’s hands that we can forgive and move on

without the extra weight holding us back.

The interesting thing about Little Man’s treasures is that by the time they’ve made it to the dryer, he’s long forgotten them.

He doesn’t look for them or ask where they’ve gone.

It’s like they were never really that important in the first place.

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