Freebie Friday: {Family Pics + Animoto = Awesomeness!}

I’m always on the hunt for freebies, and this one is pretty good as far as freebies go!

Have you ever wanted to make a great looking slideshow or video out of snapshots, with your own music and captions, but left it til the last possible minute?  Check out Animoto.  With a few clicks, you can select a great looking theme, choose from a variety of songs as background music or upload your own, upload your photos and add your own captions.   And Animoto will produce a great looking 30 second video that you can upload to YouTube and then share on social media for free!  You can’t beat that!  I’ve thrown videos together in 10 minutes, with no trouble at all.   One of the first videos I did was this one on my About The Zoo page.  Take a look:

If you need longer videos and more theme choices, you can pay for that.  Animoto does have Personal and Business options, which would be great for photographers and product sellers to showcase their work.  With the upgrades, various qualities of downloadable options are available as well.  I’ve already put those upgrades to work already for my own business, which I’ve found are totally worth it.  Take a look at the Welcome To The Zoo Blog Trailer in the sidebar for an example of what you can do with the upgrades!

Either the free or paid version is perfect for slideshows of family vacations, birthdays, holidays and so many other things.

Happy Friday!

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