My Favourite Posts From 2014

I can not believe that this year has passed so quickly!  2015, the year of the hoverboard (according to my son and of course Back To The Future), is on the horizon.  This little tiny blog has seen some amazing growth, and I'm looking forward to continuing that this coming year.

There were some inspiring posts this year, some serious ones, and some useful ones.

Here are my favourites:

1. Dear Elf on the Shelf - The Elf can be so divisive! There are so many people who feel very strongly about him on both sides.  This is my take.Elf on the Shelf


2. Things I've Learned As A Pre-Adoptive Mother - This one is an update on our journey towards adoption.  They say that the waiting is the hardest part, and I do believe they're right!


3. About A Girl - I wrote this one about my best friend in elementary school.  One day she left, and I never saw her again.  This is her story.




4. #CanadaStrong - In 2014, Canada was attacked on Parliament Hill.  This is my response.







5. A Letter To My Sons: This Is A Man - With all of the examples of fathers and husbands walking away from their families, I want to make sure that my sons know that I expect much, much more from them.


6. Playing Hookey and the Art of Self-Preservation - Sometimes you need to cut back to take care of yourself and your family.  This year has been one of those years.

7. Gimme A Break - Mothers shouldn't need breaks?  Are there actually people who believe that?

8. The Utopia of Cheerios - My response to the racist outcry against a Cheerios commercial.  Seriously people, this is 2014!







9. Raisin Toast And Tea - This one is my commitment to my future grandchildren to play a big role in their lives.





10. Tunnels That Go Nowhere - Reflections at the playground.




These are my favourite posts, but I also ran a popular series called The Best Mom Ever!  I had the opportunity to showcase some amazing moms, from so many different walks of life.  Take a look!


Do you have a blog?  List your favourite post in the comments.  

I'd love to check it out!


  1. These look like great posts! I love the Elf on the SHelf one!

  2. Great ideas. The friend post sounds great!

  3. That darn Elf on the shelf. My kids love ours, but I hate the added pressure.

  4. I remember the About a Girl post...

  5. All of these were great posts - thanks for the great year! :)

  6. I loved your about a girl and raisin toast and tea posts!

  7. Many great posts there. My favorite was one my wife did as a tribute to her uncle who passed from ALS. The post was well before all the ice bucket challenges this past summer.

  8. That Elf on the Shelf was everywhere, always in my Facebook feed. I'm still surprised at the way some people use him to bribe their child to behave, when they should just be taught t behave.

  9. What a wonderful testament to her relationship with her uncle. I can't imagine going through what she went through, and what her uncle went through :-(.

  10. That's my worry too - when people use the Elf as behaviour modification. What happens when Christmas is over and the Elf disappears?

  11. Thank you! I enjoyed writing them, especially About A Girl. It was a story that needed to be told.

  12. It certainly gave me a different perspective on kids in foster care!

  13. Just one more thing to add to the holiday obligations, lol! I bet the kids will have great memories of him, though!

  14. Mrs. Jilly Fisher30 December 2014 at 11:30

    I love how you put together all of your favorite posts of this year. What a cool idea! I will have to come back to read about your friends story it looks really interesting!

  15. You have a great collection of posts that round out your blogging year. Until this fall, I had no idea what the Elf represented to American families... It's been an eye opener. :-)

  16. The Spring Mount 6 Pack31 December 2014 at 06:42

    Such great posts. I love your elf post. We have a different type of elf who comes to play with the kids during the holidays and hide for them to find her every night. None of the telling on them things. She is our favorite Christmas tradition. I could not imagine having the traditional Elf on the Shelf.

  17. I haven't read all of these and I'd like to take a look at them. The one about your childhood friend intrigues me.


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