10 Incredible Activities To Enjoy On Your Next Family Camping Trip

If you've been around this little blog any length of time, you'll know just how much we love camping!  We camped in tents for years, and then we finally graduated to a travel trailer.  But even though our level of camping comfort has changed, our love for adventure hasn't!  

Today I'm excited to share a guest post with a number of great ideas for your next camping trip -- and many of them are free or inexpensive.

Let the adventure planning begin!

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Family camping trips provide some of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Frankly, the freedom and spontaneity of the adventures are central to the appeal. Nonetheless, a little planning is necessary if you want to make the most of your experiences.

Drawing up a list of activities that you’d like to enjoy on your next trip will naturally have a hugely positive impact. Here are 10 that you may wish to consider for your next adventure.

#1. Water Sports

Water sports can be enjoyed on many vacation types, including beach holidays. However, camping by a river or lake can deliver some truly incredible experiences. Paddleboarding and kayaking are two of the most popular choices. As long as you do this safely with the use of life vests and suitable equipment, it is the perfect afternoon activity. Or if you’re staying at a campsite, instructors may be available to give you lessons.

If staying near rapids, natural or manmade, white water rafting is possible too. Teens and adults will be particularly suited to this activity.

#2. Photography

Everybody loves taking exceptional holiday snaps. Whether using a smartphone camera or a digital SLR, you can capture some incredible shots of the campsite and surrounding areas. Alternatively, you can learn more about drones to gain a new perspective from up high. Your UAV will help you grab shots of stunning horizons while the flights provide a lot of fun too. Kids and adults alike will cherish those moments as well as the photos.

Photography is a wonderful life skill that can subsequently enhance all future day trips and vacations. Likewise, it may plant the seeds of a passion for flying drones.

#3. Hiking

When spending time in the great outdoors, it’s important that you explore it. After all, you may never return to the area. A family hike is one of the very best activities. You will need the right hiking boots to help avoid the threat of blisters. Still, it could open the door to a host of day adventures back home. In the meantime, you’ll get to see various natural treasures while also taking in the fresh air. It’s a truly great activity for your mind, body, and soul.

On a side note, it’s an activity that is sure to build up an appetite for when you return to your campsite or caravan. 

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#4. Cooking On A Campfire

Even when staying at an organized camp with on-site eateries, you should cook at least one meal on a campfire. There’s something special about sausages, eggs, and other camp food classics cooked on a fire. Or you could always opt for classic treats like toasted nuts or marshmallows. It’s another activity that brings the family closer together while kids respond very well to it too. This is especially true when you do it in the evening.

You won’t need many cooking accessories. However, familiarizing yourself with how to make a fire safely is essential. Frankly, it’s a great life skill to possess anyway.

#5. Fishing

Activities enjoyed on the water have already been discussed. However, there will be plenty of fish living under the surface too. Whether fishing from the riverbank or a boat, it is a great activity for any camping trip. Teaching your kids how to fish is one of those moments that will live with parents forever. Likewise, children will remember it, even if they do not grow up to fish regularly. Besides, you could catch salmon or other delicious fish.

It’s an experience that delivers a peculiar combination of tranquillity and exhilaration. Hiring fishing poles and bait will set you up for a full day of enjoyment. 

#6. Cycling

While exploring the local area by foot is rewarding, you can see a far larger area by bike. You can follow trails through the woods or even move into the local town or village. Aside from getting to see new sights, cycling on a trail feels different from tarmac. It is a truly liberating sense of freedom that can be enjoyed by cyclists young and old.

If you still have very young family members, a range of sidecars in various styles are available. They will love it.

#7. Telling Stories 

Camping in the modern era is unlikely to be 100% free from tech gadgets. Some of them are needed to add a little convenience and convenience, not to mention safety. However, the chance to switch off gadgets to embrace traditional entertainment is a wonderful thing. Making up stories and singing songs is the perfect form of evening entertainment. It’s also an ideal way for children to unleash their creativity and share thoughts about this trip.

Parents can always borrow parts of famous stories. Whether huddled up in a tent or sitting on the deck of a static caravan home, this activity is a must.

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#8. Geocaching 

If you do not know about geocaching, now is the time to find out more. It has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity. Using a GPS-enabled device, teams are tasked with finding certain objects. Kids enjoy it as it adds a little modern tech to the equation. There are now millions of caches created by players around the world, meaning you should be able to find one for your destination. You can think of it as a modern approach to letterboxing. 

Alternatively, you could turn to AR and VR activities like Pokemon Go! The new surroundings will allow players to encounter experiences they may not get back home.

#9. Playing Games 

Camping is supposed to be fun, and playing games is the perfect choice. A bat and ball will provide hours of fun. Other activities include charades, glow-in-the-dark Jenga, obstacle courses, and Uno. Or you can focus on activities that are specific to being out in nature. A scavenger hunt, for example, will keep kids entertained. It is especially useful if they loved the geocaching activities enjoyed earlier on.

Time spent doing things you like with the people you love will guarantee that the vacation is remembered in a positive way. 

#10. Gazing At The Stars

Finally, if you truly wish to make the most of the great outdoors, you must spend some time looking at the stars. It may be worth finding out about the constellations in advance. However, even if you don’t do this, the sheer beauty of the night sky is incredible. While you can see this at home, the stars look clearer when away from the city lights. The lack of distractions will encourage you to appreciate them too.

As well as stargazing at night, you can use the daytime to spot birds and wildlife in their natural habitats. Just be sure not to get too close or endanger them.

Share YOUR ideas!

What's your favourite thing to do on a family camping trip?


  1. These are great ways to keep kids occupied while camping. We have done a lot of these things, except for geocaching. I'd love to give it a try.

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