The DIY Family Portrait Fail

This weekend, we (I) decided that our family portraits needed some updating.  The last ones were from 2 years ago, and the kids have grown since then.

DIY Family Portrait Fail

Ever the frugalista, we have done our own DIY family portraits before, quite successfully.  How hard could it be to do them again?

To make it even easier, I thought we would do them in our own backyard.  Less travelling to a location means more cooperative kids, right?  Right …

Our usual method is to set the camera to take pictures continuously.  We set up a shot, and hold the pose for a few minutes while the camera takes several photos.  Then we try a different pose, and usually end up getting some great photos.

So, I set up a picnic blanket and basket for ambience, and we pointed three (3!) cameras in the direction of our set.

Take a look at the video to see how it went …

Not terrible, all things considered, although there were some protests when the kids all fell over.

Here are a few of the outtakes:

Family Pic 4

We look like we’re all deep in prayer in this one, but we’re not. We’re just all blinking at the same time …

Family Pic 3

What was supposed to be a Squishy Sandwich quickly turned into an unwanted tickle fight.

Family Pic 2


Family Pic 1

No idea. None at all.

Okay, those were the not-so-great ones.

Here’s what I managed to salvage from our photo session:


20150711_200013 20150711_200028

Well, they’re not bad, but they’re not great either.

I think we may have to try again next weekend …

Have you ever attempted to take your own portraits?  How did it go?


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