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Murdoch Mysteries – it’s a turn of the century television drama, set in Station House No. 4 in Toronto, Canada, and it has become popular around the world! 

Inspired by the real-life exploits of pioneering Detective John Wilson Murray, the fictional Detective William Murdoch investigates murders with the help of his wife, Dr. Julia Ogden, Constable Crabtree, Dr. Emily Grace, Inspector Brackenreid, and the rest of the force at Station House No. 4.

Murdoch uses cutting edge ideas and his own inventions to solve crimes, all while subtly poking fun at modern methods and pop culture.  Well written, wonderfully acted and perfectly timed, it’s a TV series that even our Prime Minister endorses.

This trailer gives you a great idea of some of the storylines:

I love the show, love the characters and love the storylines, but most of all, I love the fact that it’s set in our own backyard – Toronto.

A couple of years ago, we visited the SS Keewatin, the ship in the trailer above, and we had a great time.  But visiting the set and backlot was even better!

20150809_165903Yesterday, my friend Jean and I were able to join in on the Fan Day festivities on the Murdoch set!  First we checked out the morgue:20150809_15045620150809_152252Then we toured around Station House No. 4:

20150809_155310 20150809_154737 20150809_154500We also got a demonstration from the Prop Master, Craig Grant, on how they do autopsies in the show.

20150809_151541The backlot was so much bigger than I had expected.  There were several storefronts, The Queens Hotel, street vendors, and more.  We wandered around the streets of the backlot while waiting for our turn to meet Jonny Harris (Constable Crabtree).

We were able to look around at our own pace and even interact with some of the actors.  They were all great and looked like they were really having fun taking pictures with us, sharing stories, and generally goofing around.

20150809_153505 20150809_153535 20150809_160244 20150809_165712It was really neat to see the set in person, and to see the attention to detail that goes into making Murdoch Mysteries so authentic.

And of course, we got to meet one of the lead actors, Constable Crabtree himself!  Jonny Harris was the only actor that didn’t have to scootch down to my height, yay!  #shortpeopleunite

Jonny has a new show that is a ton of fun.  He’s a stand up comedian, in addition to his other ventures, and in his reality show, Still Standing, he tours around tiny little Canadian towns, talking to the citizens and seeing the sights.  Then he does a stand up routine about the town, for the town’s residents.  So much fun!

20150809_165602(0)We did and saw so much more — take a look at the video below for some more great pictures and videos!


We’re already planning next year’s visit to the set, and we’re hoping to spend even more time touring around.  I can’t wait!  

What TV or movie set would you most like to visit?

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