Diary of a Distracted Blogger

distractedbloggerEven if you’re not a blogger, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate …

2:00 pm – Sat down at the computer to finish writing the blog post that I’ve been working on for the past week.  We’ve been on vacation, so it’s no surprise that I’m behind on it.  Uploaded one picture to my blog.

2:05 pm – Husband asks when we’re going to drop in on our friends.  They watched our house while we were away, so we have a thank you gift to take to them.  I respond briefly and look back at the computer screen hoping that he’ll get the hint.  I write three sentences.

2:10 pm – Husband asks my opinion on his brand new YouTube name.  Since I came up with it, I say that it’s perfect.  I upload another picture.

2:14 pm – Husband asks when I’m going grocery shopping.  I say I don’t know.  He asks me to pick up vinegar.  I mention that I’m trying to finish this blog post and could I have some time to myself.  He apologizes and leaves the room.

2:20 pm – The doorbell chimes and it’s a neighbourhood kid.  I tell her that my daughter can’t come out and play at the moment, but can later on.  I say goodbye and shut the door.

2:21 pm – I realize that the washing machine has stopped,  so I run upstairs to switch the laundry.  Thinking maybe I should take my laptop to the closest coffee shop for some peace and quiet.

2:25 pm – I sit back down at the computer.  Husband reappears and asked where our oldest is, and asks what I think of them spending some “quality time” playing video games.  I quickly say “Sure” and write four more sentences.

2:30 pm – Daughter waltzes down the stairs and asks where Daddy is.  I answer without looking up, while adding some tags to my blog post.

2:33 pm – Oldest gallops down the stairs.  I schedule my blog post to be published for the following morning.

2:40 pm – Husband enters the kitchen (near my desk) and proceeds to bang cutlery and plates in a thinly veiled attempt to let me know he’s considering washing the dishes.  He turns the water on.

2:42 pm – Husband asks where the nearest dollar store is and whether it’s bigger than another one close by.  I say I’m not sure.  He apologizes for the interruption and goes back to the dishes.

2:45 pm – I think of a few other ideas for upcoming blog posts, but then realize that I’ve got other things I need to do.  A work call comes in on my cell phone and I swipe to decline it.  Distracted by the phone call, I start a new blog post anyway.

3:00 pm – I loose focus and decide to work on another project, filing this blog post away for next time.  I realize that while I enjoyed our time together on vacation, I’m glad that my husband will be going back to work and that school has started up again.

Ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t get done what you wanted to get done? 

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