Blogger, Mom and Business Woman: Meet Amy Miller!


There’s something so unique about the experience of mothering – it brings women together and levels the playing field in so many ways.  I love getting to know other women and their stories, especially when it comes to raising a family and chasing their own dreams at the same time!

Through Solidarity Sisters, a program run by Susannah at, I had the chance to met and collaborate with Amy Miller, and I’m excited to introduce you to her today!


 Tell me a bit about you and your family. What do you enjoy doing together?


I have a degree in elementary/early childhood education and taught preK for 4 years. I love singing, musicals, dance, yoga, writing and decorating.

My husband and I married in 2011. He’s one of the most thoughtful, polite and hardworking people I’ve ever known and his “get stuff done” attitude nicely balances out my creative, chatty, freelance type personality!  The last few years have been a whirlwind of moves, job changes and the most important milestone of becoming parents!

Our 2 year-old boy Brady impresses us everyday and has brought us more happiness than we could have imagined! He is VERY talkative, funny, loves to sing, is extremely considerate and a true gift from God.

It’s been in our plans to give him a sibling for the last year or so. But God has had other plans as we experienced two miscarriages recently. Through painful we’ve grown together as a family and become even more grateful for what we have.

On a happier note, together we enjoy playing at home, going out to eat and attending outdoor festivals or farmers’ markets.



What is the one thing that most surprised you about becoming a parent?


For me the biggest surprises after becoming a mother were the physical changes to my mind, body and mood.

Since Brady was born I’ve become much more sensitive to unhealthy food and too much sugar. I’ve found eating certain things really trigger my ADD symptoms and irritability.

I’ve been nursing for 2+ years and have lost a lot of weight. I was not prepared for the hunger brought on by breastfeeding and how physically exhausting it can be. But nursing continues to be an important part of our relationship and we’ll stop when he’s ready.

As I’ve come through these postpartum issues and begin to feel more balanced I think it’s really important to bring awareness to the changes women may experience and how to seek support for these issues if necessary.


Describe your blog. What inspired you to begin writing it?


I hope readers find my blog to be a playful, inspiring and realistic. I am passionate about purposeful play. I want to share practical and fun experiences and products that promote play, lift up families, encourage us to take care of ourselves and rely on God.

I started blogging to share my own parenting experiences, promote materials I think others would enjoy and as a creative outlet. It has become all of that and more!



What is your favourite post and why?


It’s hard to choose one favorite! But I really like Confessions of a Co-sleeping Mom. It’s just really reflective of how parenting has changed my expectations of myself and how much importance I place on expectations of others.


What is your most popular post and why do you think people like it?


My most popular post is Seven Words to Stop Your Child’s Yelling. I think it’s most popular because it offers a practical easy solution to something every parent has experienced with a positive parenting approach.


What piece of advice do you wish someone had given you about juggling motherhood and running your own business?


The most important advice for me I think is sometimes the entire to-do list won’t get done.

And my child is the reason I want and choose to work from home. So when I approach work with a flexible outline and motherhood with a solid plan to make time for snuggles and play, juggling both is the most rewarding experience!

Thank you for giving us a look into your life today, Amy!

Amy’s blog is chock full of great ideas for play-based learning, play room set up, and making the most of your child’s early years.  Go take a look, and let me know what you think!  You can find Amy blogging at Learning By Design!

And hey, look her up on Facebook and Pinterest too – you’ll love her posts and pins!  You can also find her  Instagram and Twitter !  Don’t forget to say hi for me 🙂





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