{Ben's Blog} 20 Things I've Learned In 13 Years

*Today I’m sharing a blog post that my son, Ben, wrote.  Enjoy!*

My mother made a list about what she learned in 40 years.

So I decided I would make a list with less than half the things she learned.


Moms may not understand this unless they spend alot of time with their teenagers. Or their husbands…

2o Things I’ve Learned In 13 Years

1: Watch “Fresh Prince of Belair”.

2: If your dad has any old consoles, play them.

3: Don’t focus on getting a girlfriend, watch other couples and the drama :D.

4: Do Not repeat what other people say until you know what they’re saying (if you think it’s an intellectual joke and you can’t figure it out, just don’t.)

5: If you don’t know an excuse to something, simply say, “*ahem* IT’S BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!”.

6: DO NOT be the annoying person that everyone hates (due to being bossy, demanding, thinking you’re the best at everything…).

7: If you’re meeting someone new, leave them with a good impression.

8: If your friends like something, look into it and see if you might like it.

9: Don’t pretend you like something, unless it’s food you’re being forced to like.

10: If you’re a kid or teenager, watch class drama and make fun of it 😀 (due to this, a friend and I are known to last year’s teacher as “the 2 old men in the balcony from the Muppets”).

11: If your dad has a TV show he wants to show you, watch it and see for yourself if it’s good or bad ( try this if you’re actually similar to your father ).

12: Don’t swear if you want to be a “cool kid”. The “Cool kids” swear because they hear it from their parents or older kids or TV.

13: An “Ass” is a wild donkey, they live in Asia and Africa. Do not describe a really awesome person as a “Bad Ass”. You’re saying they are a “bad wild donkey”.

14: If you’re a nerd, use it to your advantage in life and use your brains instead of wanting to be different.

15: @Moms and Dads
Video games ARE NOT bad. They are a great learning experience of puzzles, strategy, reacting, Action, Platforming, Adapting and learning. You’re just jealous you did not have them in your day.

16: Watch Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, and any other major sci fi show that are good.

17: Be yourself! Don’t be funny if you’re not that funny, or something else.

18: Get these references: “Luke I am your father”, “I love you! – I know.”, “I heard you were bit by a cobra – Yea, after 5 days of agonizing pain, the cobra died.”

19: I’m getting too old for this… by this I mean everything…

20: Don’t commit to anything yet. Life’s just easier that way 😀

What advice would you give a 13 year old?

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