Feed The Hungry And Look Great Doing It!

Grapes that cost $28.  Peanut butter priced at $17.  A loaf of bread for $6. 

All across Canada’s North, people are faced with these prices when they go grocery shopping.  Because of the remoteness of many communities, healthy food is so expensive that many families go without.  It’s a problem that many have said the government needs to fix.  And that’s quite true, the government should do something more than what they already are to lower the crazy high prices of food in the North.

In the meantime however, grassroots organizations like Helping Our Northern Neighbours have sprung up over the past couple of years.  They try to either match someone from the South to a family from the North, or they support Northern food banks, schools, churches and other community organizations that work to provide affordable food.

I, along with many readers here at Welcome To The Zoo, have teamed up to sponsor a family through Helping Our Northern Neighbours.  Our sponsored family lives in Fort Ware/Kwadacha, British Columbia, and we’ve committed to sending them boxes of food through the year.


In 2015, we were able to send 4 boxes of pantry staples.  And, because of the generosity of one individual, we were able to send a box of brand new hats, mitts and scarves, and another box of new adults and children’s socks to the elementary school in Fort Ware!

I’d like to continue our sponsorship through 2016, and possibly even expand it to include another family too.  But to do that, I’ll need your help!

I’m launching an online Shop, right here on Welcome To The Zoo.  The proceeds from all sales will go straight to our Feed The Hungry fund and be used to pay for shipping costs to send non-perishable food to our sponsored family.


Right now, the Shop is selling these cute handmade ruffle scarves.  They come in several colours (more colours to be added soon!) and they’ll look great with your winter outfits!  Shipping is a flat rate, so buy one for yourself, and one or two to give to others.  At $10 a piece, you can’t go wrong!


What colour scarf would you like to see in the Shop?

 This is a fun video about the high grocery prices in Nunavut.  Our sponsored family is on the other side of Canada, but the prices are comparable!

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