Coffee With A Daycare Provider: Meet Crystal!

I’d like to introduce you to a special guest at Welcome To The Zoo! Crystal is a home daycare provider, and she’s agreed to give us a glimpse into her life. She’s got some great advice for those thinking of opening their own home daycare too!

So grab a cup of coffee, find a comfy spot, and join us for Coffee With A Daycare Provider!

Hello Crystal, thank you so much for spending this time with us! To get us started, what is your daycare name, and what are your hours?

Google’s Giggles, open 7am to 5:30pm

What ages do you care for, and what do you enjoy doing with them?

Currently I care for a 6 month old all the way to a 11 year old!! Things we enjoy is laughing, singing, bubbles, dancing, learning, and just being kids and getting messy.

What is your child care philosophy and what are your child development goals?

I believe children need to be kids! They are only little once, once they get in school they are there for 13 plus years so as a young age I try to teach them things like getting along with others, sharing, having fun and being a kid, making a mess, sure we learn colors and numbers and shapes but it’s not a focus here they have time for that once they start school at my house we learn how to be a kid and make a mess and have fun!!!

What is your favourite part of running a home daycare?

My favorite part of running a daycare is watching the kids learn and grow every day!! I never know who I will meet each morning I wake up, I have ninja turtles, super heels, princess and many more walk through my door each morning, and I encourage them to continue to use their imagination and be who they think they are!!!

How do you balance daycare and home life?

How do I balance work and home life?? Umm well I’ve learned over the last 6 years to make time for myself after daycare Hours, I’ve learned to say no and that it’s okay to say no!!! I keep most daycare equipment and supplies in a closet and only bring it out during daycare Hours!!

What advice do you have for someone considering opening a daycare in their home?

You must have a love for children!!! And it’s not always easy but every I love you or every thank you makes most problems go away!!! PARENTS are the hardest to deal with, but remind yourself you only have to see the parent at drop off and pick up but you get to see the kids all day long!!!

Thank you so much, Crystal! It’s great to see how other daycare providers manage their time and space, and to hear about their challenges and joys.

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