{Video} Free Group Texting For Churches with Remind.com!

As a church secretary, I know how hard it is to make sure that information about announcements, updates and events are reaching each person involved with our church.  The printed bulletin ends up in the recycling bin, the emailed newsletter ends up in the spam filter, and Facebook controls who sees your church’s status updates.

Remind is as close to perfect as possible for reaching ALL of your church family.  Anyone with a phone that has texting capabilities will be able to see your communications immediately, right where they are.  No need for an app, a specific website, and no need to log into an email program.

Remind is intended to be used for school teachers to use with their students, but it’s also a great platform to reach your church family.

Think of the applications: let people know about last-minute location changes, inclement weather, reminders for upcoming events, checking in with small group members, requesting RSVPs for outings, prayer chains, serving schedule reminders, worship team practice reminders, volunteer requests … the list could go on!

I’ve just started using Remind, but in this video, I show you all of the great features and options that Remind.com offers.  And best of all, it’s free!

I’m not being paid for this post, I just really like Remind.com.  Check it out, and let me know what you think in the comment section!

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