Acadian Museum, Prince Edward Island


There’s a reason why we visit PEI so often.  Part of it is to visit with family, but the other reason is to explore our ancestral roots.


One side of my family is Acadian, from Prince Edward Island.  Our great-great-great grandfather’s name is Michel Hache, and if you’re researching any part of PEI history, his name will come up.  He was born in the 1660’s and gave rise to one of the biggest Acadian families.  In his 50’s, he and his family were forced to leave their home in Beaubassin, Acadia (now Nova Scotia) and came to settle in Port La Joye, Ille Saint-Jean (now PEI).  In 1987, the site of the home he shared there with his wife Anne Cormier and many of their children, were rediscovered through an archaeological dig.


The Acadian Museum documents his lifetime, as well as the lives of the other Acadian Settlers.  We enjoyed watching a 15 minute video that detailed the history of the Island and the Acadians.  Then we toured around the museum taking in the exhibits.  One area is devoted to music, a central part of the Acadian culture.  Another area tells the story of our ancestors, the conditions they endured and the hardships they faced.


For a look at the history of PEI, stop by the Acadian Museum in Miscouche.  It’s about an hour away from Charlottetown, and costs just $12.50 for the entire family.


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