The Canadian Potato Museum, PEI

In the town of O’Leary, Prince Edward Island, you’ll find a beautiful museum dedicated to the history of the potato.  While it may sound humble, it’s definitely not boring!


This is a spacious and well-kept museum with displays pertaining to many aspects of potato farming, processing and consumption.  Our favourite displays however, were the replica of the largest potato ever, and the display depicting the many, many diseases and pests a potato could acquire.   Some of these were so disgusting, I refused to look.  My kids, on the other hand, really enjoying oohhing and aahhing over each one!


Several farming machines were on display as well, and with each one, it became more and more apparent just how much physical labour was involved in farming back before engines were used.  With just horses to pull plows and harvesters, so much more had to be done by the farmer himself.  I gained a great deal of respect for their perseverance!


While you’re visiting, make sure to allow time to enjoy the playground on the other side of the parking lot.  It has some fun climbers for kids, but it also has adult equipment designed to provide exercise while the kids are playing.  My daughter didn’t even get to the playground equipment – she was having too much fun with the exercise activities!


The Canadian Potato Museum is open May 15 to October 15, and costs $18 for a family (parents & kids).



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