#MakerExpo 2016 in Kitchener, Ontario

Our boring, no-plans weekend turned into a grand adventure! 

On Friday, a friend texted my husband to ask if we’d like to go to #MakerExpo, an event showcasing various technologies and encouraging involvement.  Oh yes, and there would be robots.

My husband said yes.

We packed up, hit another event for a quick work-related photo op, and then headed west.  Before long, we found ourselves driving in circles in downtown Kitchener looking for parking.  Note to self: next year, plan out where to park.Then we walked about four blocks, walked past #MakerExpo, searched through Google Maps for a bit, and then followed the advice of our kids, and made it back to the Kitchener City Hall where the event was taking place.

On the way back, we walked right past our van to a different parking lot, made an older couple stare while we tried to figure out where we were going, and then followed the advice of our kids, and found our van.  Note to self: next year, drop a parking spot pin in Google Maps.

But in between getting lost, we had a great time exploring the various exhibits and trying some new things.

We built and sailed a raft down a rushing river:

We built and shot a rocket over the street (which then came and landed on the table in front of us):

And we saw some other pretty cool stuff too.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Robot Wars yet!  The men folk had a great time watching the homemade battle bots duke it out right in front of City Hall.  It drew quite the crowd!

This was a great family-oriented event, and guess what?  It was absolutely free!

It was a popular event, so it did get crowded.  I’d suggest attending early for the best experience.

We had a great time on this spontaneous adventure.  Thank you, Jim and Jean, for inviting us!

Check out this video for a closer look at our adventures:


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