Best Wedding Picture Ever.

Today was a do-nothing day.  Well, okay, I made some granola.  Shot some video.  Fielded some emails.  Took care of a sick kid.  Kept two teenagers busy with chores.  Did several loads of laundry.  Cooked.  Cleaned. The usual.

But with a sick child AND a snow day, my actual plans for the day went out the window, along with that swirling snow.  Instead I found a bunch of old photos and had a great time reminiscing over them.  But my favourite photo out of all of them was this one photo taken during our wedding.  I still have no idea what I was saying to Andy to make him and Brian look so worried!

What do you think I was saying?  Caption it below!

And hey, here’s the link to Noah’s video (he’s got a great sense of humour!):


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