Trip to Fort Hope {Part Three}

“The only way to serve God is to serve other people.”  My recent trip to Fort Hope made me realize in a new way that the reward in serving goes far beyond the expense.

This is a look at the last few days of our visit to Fort Hope, when our team members finished up the building project, we held a Family Night that was SO much fun, and we visited the radio station for some music and scripture reading.  Our trip wrapped up with a bumpy ride on a very small and crowded plane, while rain storms loomed on the horizon.

If I could share one thing about this trip, it would be this:  Just do it.  Just go and serve.  I know you’ve thought about it, talked about it, considered the logistics.  The only thing holding you back is you.  Whether you go overseas and serve on another continent, whether you serve here in Canada, or whether you serve right next door, serving others will change your life.  Just do it.

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