25 Things Only Home Daycare Providers Understand

1. Sharing your home with 5 or more other families.

2. Sweeping the kitchen floor 5 times each day just to keep it passable.

3. The internal debate over whether to call a parent out on this morning’s dope & drop.

4. The feeling of demoralization when a parent “forgets” to bring the week’s payment.

5. Watching a child get more and more anxious when their parent is late … again.

6. Why Play-Doh and glitter is only used for VERY special occasions (… and maybe not even then, because it’s just so … special).

7. Helping 5 toddlers do a beautiful craft, knowing full well that it will end up in the recycling bin at home this evening.  It’s “the process, not the result” anyway, right?

8. Norovirus.

9. Rocking two babies to sleep while reading a story to three toddlers.

10. The last ditch effort of writing “More Diapers Please” on the front of a toddler’s diaper when they’ve used up your emergency stash and the parents keep forgetting to bring more.

11. The feeling of pure rage that flashes through your mind when someone rings the doorbell during naptime.

12. Keeping your lights off and curtains drawn on your day off, because you don’t want someone to try to drop off their child.

13. The parents that still don’t know how many of your own kids you have.

14. What a late night really does to a toddler the next day.

15. The pure heroism involved when taking a group of preschoolers on a field trip.

16. How time-outs are really just a distraction technique for most kids.

17. Why parents shouldn’t buy the same toys for home that you have at daycare.

18. The feeling you get when a child comes to you for comfort.

19. Resisting the temptation to play favourites with your own child.

20. The futility of trying to carry on a phone conversation while working.

21. The complete and total change in the children’s behaviour when a potential new family visits during daycare hours.

22. Changing 25 diapers in a day.

23. Wondering why “that parent” doesn’t think your payday is as important as their own.

24. The dislike for buttons, crocs, strappy sandals, laces, and one piece outfits.

25. Just how much that cup of coffee or pot of flowers means when it comes from a daycare parent!

What would you add to this list?

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