{Adventures} Our Visit To PEI

Prince Edward Island is one of our favourite places to visit. 

My brother, Micah, lives there with his wife and their children, so we have a great place to stay while we’re there.  But not only that, our family roots originate in PEI (more on that in an upcoming post!).

As a result, we’ve been able to visit some places again and again – places that are off the beaten path and that are not quite overrun with tourists yet.

Shining Waters

This is the most touristy place we visit when we’re in PEI.  Shining Waters is an amusement park in Cavendish, and it has a small town feel.  The waterslides are our favourite.  This year we were there at opening time on a cloudy and slightly rainy day.  The kids were able to go down the slides several times with no wait time at all!  And the great thing about these slides is that none of them empty into a pool.  They all have a shallow runoff, which means that even kids that can’t swim can enjoy these ones safely.

Shining Waters also has several other attractions including the Topsy Turvey Cabin, Pirate Paddleboats, Petting Farm, and even a small roller coaster.  Here’s a video of us enjoying it!

Victoria Harbour

Victoria is a tiny little seaside village on the south side of PEI.  There’s a public beach with washrooms and change rooms along the main road through town (you can’t miss it), but we were able to enjoy a quieter beach just down the shore a little bit.  When the tide is out, it’s perfect for clamming and playing in the sand.

20150826_144159 20150826_143104There’s also this amazing little shop in Victoria called Island Chocolates.  20150826_132052Not only do they have hand-made chocolates (which you can watch them making!), but they have this wonderful coffee and chocolate concoction, called a Factory Coffee.

Last summer, my dad and his wife went into Island Chocolates for some coffee.  She asked for a mocha, which they didn’t have on the menu.  While enjoying some tea instead, they brought them a brand new drink – coffee poured into a glass which was coated on the inside with chocolate, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with more chocolate.  It’s been on the menu ever since!  Can it get any better than that??


Port La Joye/Fort Amhearst

As I mentioned earlier, my side of the family comes from PEI, and Michel Hache-Gallant is our ancestor.  The Gallant family name is very common throughout the Maritime Provinces and into the United States.  We can all be traced back to Michel Hache-Gallant.  At Port La Joye/Fort Amhearst, you can see the grassy mounds remaining from the fort, as well as the location of Michel Hache-Gallant’s homestead.

Michel Hache-Gallant Michel Hache-Gallant and Anne Cormier Monument

Anne of Green Gables Musical

We enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables Musical on a Girls Only night out, and it was so much fun!  This was my daughter’s first musical, and while it took her awhile to get into it, we had a blast.



We’re already planning next year’s visit to Prince Edward Island!

What’s your favourite thing to do on vacation?


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