"Oh Poop" Emergency Change Bag

You and I know it’s going to happen.  We may even be prepared for it.  But does that new mom you know realize that her day will, in fact, come all too soon?  Does she know what to do when it arrives?

Because no matter who she is, the day will come when she’s out with her little one and the inevitable happens: the baby has a diaper blowout.  Or they throw up all over themselves.  Usually she’s prepared for the possibility of such occurrences, but this will be the one time that she’s forgotten the diaper bag at home.

If she has you as a friend, she’ll be able to pull out her “Oh Poop” bag, and handle it like a pro.

That’s why this is the perfect baby shower gift for an expectant mom.  This idea is straight from Socks & Shoes Not Required, and it’s an amazing one.

It’s a bag that’s meant to be kept in the car for those times when you just aren’t as prepared as you thought.  It contains just enough supplies to clean up a child and change their clothes.

I’ve simplified my version for just diaper emergencies, but you could easily expand this idea like Leah at Socks & Shoes did.

I bought my supplies at a couple of different dollar stores, so you can spend as little or as much as you like.

Here are my supplies:

-a cosmetics bag with wrist strap to hold everything

-a size 4 diaper (getting a larger size means that it will fit the little one for longer and mom won’t be stuck trying to use a too-small diaper)

-wipes for obvious reasons

-a roll of bags to hold dirty diapers, messy clothes, whatever

-a onesie for the little one to wear post-blowout (12 month size, so it will fit them for longer)

-a hair elastic, so that mom can put her hair back before dealing with any mess

-a snack for mom, because she deserves it after cleaning up the Blowout of the Year

Take a look at the video to see how I fit it all in the bag:


Trust me, the day will come when that mom will be so grateful that you planned ahead for her.  You may just even save the day!

What would you include in an emergency kit like this one?

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