How To Use Animoto To Create a Youtube Intro

*This post contains referral links.  If you use this link to sign up with Animoto, both you and I will receive a free month!

Ever see those slick introductions that various Youtube channels have for their videos? 

I’ve found a quick way to create beautiful videos that I’ve used as intro and outro videos for my own Youtube channel, and it’s super easy!

It’s, and I’ve been using it for years.  I’ve made dozens of great looking videos over that time, all without buying expensive software, or even knowing much about graphics at all.

Make Your Own Youtube Intro with Animoto:

  1. Log on to  If you click this link, you’ll receive a free month (as will I), thanks to the wonderful people at Animoto!
  2. Choose a Style (this will determine what your video looks like).
  3. Upload photos and videos from your computer, or from social media.  You can also use Animoto’s stock photos and videos to add to your own.
  4. Add your text.
  5. Choose your music.  Either use Animoto’s music, or upload your own.  Keep in mind – Youtube often flags Animoto’s music as copyrighted, so you may not be able to monetize it.  I prefer using music from  It’s free 🙂
  6. Drag and drop to rearrange any photos or text you’d like.
  7. Click “Preview” to see what your video looks like.
  8. Click “Continue Editing” if you’d like to change anything, or click “Produce” to finalize your video!
  9. Download your video onto your own computer, and use Window Movie Maker or other video editing software to splice it onto your own videos before uploading to Youtube.

Take a look at this video to see how I made a Youtube Intro in just a few minutes:

That’s all there is to it!

Animoto is also a great site for compiling all of those vacation or birthday photos into a beautiful video that you can share on Facebook or by email.  I’ve used to advertise events, products, my blog, to create e-cards, and for a ton of other purposes.

Take a look for yourself!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.  And don’t forget to use this link to get your free month, which should be plenty of time to create an amazing intro for your Youtube channel, as well as a variety of other videos too!

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