Sweet Potato Soup {Dairy Free}


Grey days and a chilly wind – yep, autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner.

This soup is THE perfect way to warm you up and is super easy to make!  I’ll let you in on a little secret:  I’ve never actually made soup from scratch before.  But there’s a first time for everything, and this one turned out really well!

I used sweet potatoes, chicken broth, celery and a bit of allspice.  The allspice gives the soup a wonderfully savoury taste, but you could also try cinnamon instead.


I’m kind of crazy, but I like to keep my kitchen appliances to a minimum.  So, I don’t have a blender.  Instead I used my hand mixer and beat the soup until it was as smooth as possible.  It’s not as smooth as pureeing it in a blender would be, but I like a little substance in my soup anyway.

This might be my new favourite soup!

What’s your favourite soup to enjoy on chilly fall days?


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