On A Mission

The last week has been filled with a great deal of prayer and research, as I was given the opportunity to go on a missions trip to Fort Hope, in northern Ontario. 

It started out innocently enough.  A friend and I were wondering what we could do in response to the crisis of suicides in Attawapiskat, a remote community plagued with inadequate housing and schooling, and afflicted with addictions and substance abuse.  One thing led to another, and I spoke with a woman who organizes and leads teams on trips to remote communities all over Ontario that are dealing with the same issues.  They bring in grief counselors and other resources, and provide hope.

And then she asked me to go with them. 

This is a real, practical way to help in a situation that everyone has an opinion on, but that very few people take action on.  But it won’t be like most of the missions trips we hear so much about.

I’m hoping to document my 5 day trip into the remote reaches of Canada, and share the challenges, the struggles, the successes and the blessings as I go.  Keep an eye on this little blog for that!

In the meantime, I would love to have your support as a Sponsor on this trip.  We’re raising money for two things: my travel expenses, and for the brand new Sunday School starting up in Fort Hope.  You can click over to HopeChange.ca for more information about those things.

And if you place your faith in the Creator of the Universe, please pray with me for His provision, safety and direction on this trip!

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