Salvation Story Stones

I’m so excited about the upcoming Missions Trip that I’ll be going on!  In addition to a few other tasks, I’ll be training brand new Sunday School teachers – how cool is that?

The other trainers will be teaching them a few different ways to share the Gospel, and I’m sure you can think of a few too: The Wordless Book, Romans Road, The Bridge.  They’re all wonderful ways to remember the different points in sharing the way of Salvation with someone who is not yet saved.

I’ll be sharing some other aspects of teaching, but I also want to provide another way to share the story of Jesus’ love with the children that these teachers will be teaching.  And I wanted it to be a tool that could be easily replicated and made over and over again.  I mean, I love the fact that we have such quick and easy access to Christian Bookstores for supplies and witnessing tools, but in Northern Ontario, shipping is often a deal-breaker.  And sharing the Gospel shouldn’t empty our wallets (although there’s a time for that, too!).

So I came up with the idea of using story stones.  I’ll be taking some beautiful river rocks with me to Fort Hope for our teachers to have, but they can easily replicate this idea for the kids, and even have the children each make their own set of Salvation Story Stones.

Please print as many copies of these printables as you would like. 

Hand them out, give them away … just don’t charge any money for them 🙂


4-Up Printable

Download (%StoryStonesCards.pdf)

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