{Aesthetic} Printable Bible Verse Cards

Memorizing scripture can be hard - 

but these beautiful Bible verse cards make it much easier! 

While we attend our home church every Sunday morning with our high-schooler, we still wanted to be able to do church with our 20-somethings who work the night shift and still live with us.

So, every Sunday evening we gather for our version of "Online Church".  We watch an episode of The Chosen, discuss it, work on some memory verses, and pray together.  It's not your traditional-style church service, but it's been the basis for some wonderful spiritual discussion that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

To make our memory verses more ... memorable, my husband thought some verse cards might be helpful.  

Remember those Daily Bread cards that all of our mothers used to have on the dinner table?  Yep, the ones that were housed in a plastic loaf of bread ...  Well, that's what I was thinking of at first.

But then I decided to do some Googling, and see if there are any printables available.

I came across Katie Palazzi's site, and I was so excited to see the jaw-droppingly beautiful scripture memory cards she's created ... and they're free!

I had mine printed on cardstock at Staples, and then I laminated them with my home laminator.  They look amazing!  The summery imagery draws you in, and her use of fonts and layout is really engaging.

If you're interested in getting your own set to print, you can find them here: 

Printable Scripture Cards

Print them out to put on your fridge, on your desk, on the bathroom mirror, in your bag, to give to a friend in need of encouragement -- there are so many possibilities with these!

You know, you could even use your favourite verse from this set as wallpaper for your phone or tablet.

There are 52 in total, and they're numbered accordingly.  That means you could easily memorize one per week, while keeping track of the ones you've already learned.

These would also be perfect to use for older kids and high schoolers in your homeschool or school pod.

Download them here, and let me know what you think!


  1. I love Katie Pallazzi's stuff! Thanks for sharing this link!!


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