Top 3 Home Daycare Website Templates 2023

Home Daycare, like any other home-based business, is one that requires regular attention to advertising and promoting, in order to keep spots filled.  

Even once you're established enough to have a waiting list (yay!), you'll still need a way to communicate your policies, menus and schedule to parents interested in signing up for your waitlist.

So if you were wondering -- your home daycare definitely needs a website!

But who has time to build a website from scratch?  It requires hours and hours of time, even if you're using the simplest website builder.

And then there's the cost.  You'll need to pay a monthly fee for website builders like, Wix, or Squarespace, unless you let them display their branding on your site.  Connecting your domain name always requires a monthly fee too (on top of the annual cost of your domain name itself!) 

That's where these Google Site website templates come in.

Each of these templates are built on Google Sites.  So, if you have a free Google account, you have access to Google Sites.  Most Google Sites out there look  ... well, not awesome.  But just because most Google Sites don't look the greatest, doesn't mean yours has to!

Take a look at these ...

1. Montessori Academy Daycare Website Template

This is a modern and professional-looking website template that provides a ton of information to your prospective parent, and gives them lots of ways to contact you.  

Add your own photos, or keep the ones that are already included (what you see is what you get!).  They're all sourced from Unsplash, so they're free for you to use.

You can add as many extra pages as you like (most site builders limit you).  You can change the colour scheme to literally any colour palette you want.  Change the font, font size, font colour -- literally, you have all the control.  

Most importantly though, change the, text, contact info, menu and schedule to reflect your own details, policies and parent information.  Make it your own!

Purchase this template once, and then you'll have it forever.  No monthly fees.  No annual fees.  Connect your own domain quickly and easily for free!  (Your domain itself will still be an annual fee from wherever you buy it.)

What do you think of this one?  Let me know in the comments!

Grab this template here:  Montessori Academy Website Template 

2. Play-Based Learning Daycare Website Template

This template is a fresh take on the traditional cutesy-type daycare website.  With lots of opportunities to highlight your own childcare's features and activities, as well as to introduce yourself, using this website will give your prospective families an excellent peek into how you run your daycare.

Oooh, did I also mention that it includes 3 WEEKS of daily meal & snack menus for free?!  You could easily use these as-is, or quickly edit it to suit your daycare kids' preferences!

Everything is completely customizable, from the colours, to the text, to the fonts.  Parents can easily call you directly from the website using the "Call Now" button in the footer.  

And this website looks amazing on any size screen - iphone, ipad, laptop, android -- whatever your parents use!

Purchase this template on Etsy here: Play-Based Daycare Website Template

3. Sunshine Daycare Website Template

The brightly-coloured Sunshine Template has the most adorable animated header with a blue sky and fluffy cartoony clouds bouncing in - how cute is that!

This template includes a pre-written Policies page.  All you need to do is edit it to reflect your own policies and procedures, and you're good to go!

It also features a pre-designed Current Openings page.  This is absolutely ideal for your prospective parents, as they can easily check on what's available, or what will be available in the near future.

All of the photos are free for your use from Unsplash -- keep them as-is, or swap in pics of your own daycare kiddos!  Besides, what parent doesn't love bragging about how their own sweet child is featured on their daycare website?

Also included is the same free 3-week menu as the Play-Based Daycare template, as well as a pre-constructed daily routine.  Just tweak it to suit your usual schedule!

You can purchase this template here:  Sunshine Daycare Website Template

Here's why these ones make the Top 3:

1. They're built on Google Sites, so you don't pay for hosting ever.

2. They're super easy to adapt, edit and update.  You can up & running during naptime this afternoon!

3. They're really easy to connect to you own domain (purchased elsewhere).

4. They don't require a lot of research or know-how to work on or publish.  Because who has time for that??

5. You can add as many pages as you want.

6. You can actually embed your own parent handbook, policies manual, Google Drive folder of photos, or whatever else you want, really easily!

7. You can change the colours to whatever fits your branding.

8. You can add your own logo and favicon (the tiny image that appears on the browser tab).

9. I built them, so I'm a little bit biased.  Just a tad ... 😊

10.  Backing up your website is as simple as making a copy and storing it in your Google Drive!

11. If you use the coupon code WELCOMETOTHEZOO to purchase any of these from my Etsy shop, you'll get a pretty sweet discount!

Do you already have a home daycare website?  
Inspire others by dropping a link in the comments below!


  1. FuzzyBearDayCare1 August 2023 at 15:51

    I'm using Wordpress for my site right now, and it takes so much time to update and edit. I may start playing around with Google Sites as an alternative. All I need is basically a billboard online with my daycare info, so free would be nice!


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