The Irreplaceables

One of my favourite memories of my Mom:

She was watching our boys at their house in Cannington while Andy & I went out for a some time alone.  When we got back, this is what we found - the kitchen blanketed in white flour, two laughing boys covered from head to toe, and one grinning Nana, with flour caked all over her red apron.

My Type A self went into apology & clean-up mode, until Mom stopped me because "they were having so much fun".  She was the one who let them get into the flour in the first place, and she was enjoying it just as much as they were.  

That's the thing about my Mom - she was SO much more about the people, rather than the things.  

Here's what I learned that day:

Things can be cleaned, fixed, and replaced.  

People can be cleaned and most times fixed, but never replaced.  

Focus on the irreplaceables.  

(The rest never really mattered anyway.)

Happy Mother's Day!

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