How to Build a Home Daycare Website for Free

When parents are looking for daycare for their child, where do they go first?

Facebook.  Google.  And maybe their friends or neighbors ... probably via some form of online communication.

Your daycare should have a professional presence on the internet.

With everything else to worry about, and all of the other costs involved, is it actually worth it to pay a monthly fee for a website with, SquareSpace, Wordpress or Weebly?  

Sure, you can get free versions of each of those website builders, but you won't be able to connect your own domain or get rid of that branding without paying a monthly fee 😉.

That's why I've been using Google Sites for the past several years.  I've built a number of great-looking and robust websites for a variety of businesses using Google Sites.  

Building a website on Google Sites is absolutely free.  

All you need is a Gmail account / Google account, and you're ready to go!  Connecting a domain name is also free, so there are no monthly fees whatsoever.  

You may be thinking that Google Sites are too basic, too limited, and well, just plain ugly.  And that may be true for the provided themes.  But with a little creativity, take a look at what you can build with Google Sites for free!

This is Montessori Academy, a theme built completely on Google Sites.  The home page features a full width hero-style header that immediately conveys the aesthetic and philosophy of a Montessori-style childcare.  You can keep the provided images, or you can easily insert your own!

This theme has several pages to edit and populate with your own information.  It includes a Staff page, Menu page (with menus included!), a Daily Routines page, and a Philosophy of Care page.  

The footer includes icons for your social links, and there are several Call-To-Action buttons, where parents will be prompted to email or call you for more information.

Video Tour of Montessori Academy Google Site Template

You can easily reproduce this template on your own, completely for free. 

If you're in a rush, or just don't have the time to build it yourself, you can purchase this Google Site template ready to use instantly at the Our Front Door Design Etsy shop!  

Use code WELCOMETOTHEZOO to get 25% off!

And for a limited time, use the code WELCOMETOTHEZOO to get 25% off the cost of the template.  You receive an instant download immediately that contains the necessary links, instructions and how-to videos to get started.  

Seriously, your home daycare website can be up and running in a few hours!

Connecting your own domain name is free and easy too.  If you don't have a domain, you'll have the option to purchase one through Google Domains (usually about $17/year).

I'll admit it, Google Sites has a bad reputation as a website builder.  

But when you inject your own ideas and creativity, you can build a website that represents your home daycare professionally and beautifully for free!

Have you tried Google Sites?  What has your experience been like?


  1. This looks like a great review of the theme ! 👍🏻

  2. That is a cute theme for a website. It looks great and seems that it would work for any daycare business.

  3. This is great for people with a daycare business. I would like to see something like this if my kid was at their daycare.

  4. It is great for daycares to have an established website. So many businesses (of all kinds) are lacking an online presence and it is a great resource.

  5. Online presence is super important these days. I know some daycares even live stream cameras in the classroom so parents can check in on their child.

  6. Wow! What a really nice and cute theme for a website. Thanks for sharing this with us -Richelle Milar

  7. I honestly thought about opening a home day care. I think it would be wonderful to work from home and I work with kids all day in my job and love it. I never went through with it though and I like where I am. I think it's a great option though and yes, you want a good website for it.

  8. I love the idea to build a Google Site for free. It's an opportunity to try something new!

  9. It is a really cute theme. Years ago I thought of opening a daycare in my home. Yes I would like a good website. I do have the idea to do so, and I would like to try google sites. thanks for sharing this with us.

  10. It's such a great idea for home daycares to have a website!

  11. Great tips here for setting up a daycare site for free and it can be used for any type of site! I love this and enjoy blogging so great tis for anyone looking to join in!

  12. The idea of having a website for home daycares is such a wonderful idea! I will definitely share this with others.

  13. this kind of website is sure to help many, and those are cool ideas indeed ..


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