Road Trip Essentials: Bug-Out Bags

wpid-1406820271788.jpgOne of the things that we made absolute sure to pack on this road trip were our bug out bags -- our colour-coded, ready-to-go day trip bags.

Each family member has one (adults too) and it contains all of the necessities for a typical day trip.  We normally keep them fully stocked by the front door at home, ready to go for spontaneous trips to the beach, caving or the zoo.

Here's what we have in ours:

-swimsuit and towel-extra outfit (shorts, T-shirt, underwear, socks)


-basic toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, travel-size shampoo, etc)


-sun hat

-(optional) googles, water shoes


Sure, we use our bags for actual day trops , but they're also perfectly stocked for sleepovers, last minute overnights, and trips to the showers at the various campgrounds we've been staying at.

And because we each have our own colour, it's very easy for the kids to spot their own in the jumble of things packed into the van!

How do you make packing easier for your family?


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